Bringing Your Precious Artworks Back to Life

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Bringing Your Precious Artworks Back to Life

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Bringing Your Precious Artworks Back to Life

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With our fine art restoration, we use all our expertise and knowledge to bring back a work of art to as close as possible to how the artist originally envisaged it.


What Kind of Client?

We offer our expertise to all kinds of art lovers,
including private individuals,
public galleries,
museums, stately homes and auction houses,
and all of them receive the same high
quality and confidential service.

What is Fine Art Restoration?

Fine art restoration involves a process that attempts
to return an artwork to its original state, as close as
possible to how it was when it was first painted. Our
primary concern is to remain faithful to the artist, by
keeping necessary retouching to a minimum. All of
our modern restoration techniques and processes
are reversible.

What Can Be Restored?

• Easel paintings and Oriental works
• Pastels and prints
• Watercolours and drawings
Mural and ceiling paintings
• Architectural drawings and maps
• Polychrome sculptures and icons

How Expert Are We?

We are fully trained to carry out fine art restoration and have more than 30 years of experience. We are also a former member of the United Kingdom Institute of Conservation (UKIC) and The Conservation Unit Register. Fine art restoration is an international business, so we are also fluent in speaking

German, Swiss German and French. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Furthermore, Richard Zahler has himself appeared on the BBC TV programme “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” (series 5) and has also been interviewed by Jim Bowen with Sally Naden on BBC Lancashire about art restoration.

“Six valuable Lowry paintings…have been restored to their original glory.”

We’ve restored artwork by many famous artists, including:

Aspinall, Sam Bough, Heaton Cooper, David Cox, Matisse, David Roberts, Turner, George Morland, Whistler, Rubens, Ruskin, Ha Van, Vuong, Woodhouse, Beatrix Potter, Romney, Lanseer, Kneller, Gainsborough, Reynolds

Expert art restoration with an emphasis on client satisfaction.